Product Code: Hydrotek Hot Link CPHL5E1
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Heat Link

Heat Link hot water generators heat the water from your existing cold water pressure washer. They are Diesel fired and require a 120 volt power source. 12v model is also available. They can handle water flows up to 6 gallons per minute and pressures to 3500psi.

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This compact and efficient unit is portable for any task where 115 volt power is available and hot water is needed for cleaning with your pressure washer. If you only have a cold water pressure washer and need hot water you don’t have to go out and buy another machine, simply hook up the output of your cold water machine to the Heat Link and start up both machines and you will have up to 210°F hot water(140° rise).


The Heat Link can handle pressure up to 3500psi and water flow up to 4 gallons per minute. The Heat Link uses a diesel fired schedule 80 coil to efficiently provide hot water for your pressure washer. The Heat Link is constructed with an attractive stainless steel cover and rugged stainless steel frame to provide industrial strength quality.


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Weight 300 lbs