NEUTRA SALT EFD utilizes a proprietary salt crystal modifier that keeps working to keep salt crystals from forming after application. Spray on vehicle finishes and underbodies to remove and neutralize existing road salts, as well as protect your investment when returned to service. This heavy duty salt neutralizing detergent can also be used with automatic floor scrubbers or manual cleaning, to rid salt buildup in highly trafficked  areas where winter salts can build up and become unsightly.

Sold as a case- 4, 1 gallon bottles

NEUTRA SALT EFD is designed to be applied under low
pressure and then rinsed with a pressure washer, or added to clean water reservoir of automatic scrubber or mop bucket. It will
clean and remove salt without damage when used as directed.

Application dilution: Apply 1:20.

Rinsing is optional after application.

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5 Gallon, 55 Gallon